The Counselling and Assessment Centre with the Faculty and Students of Dept. of Applied Psychology commemorated the World Suicide Prevention Day at RGNIYD through various activities and competitions. The program began a week ahead in the institute by display of placards on which slogans were written. The students of the department of Applied Psychology were wearing the badge made up of yellow ribbon. Poetry competition and Photography competition were organized for the students of RGNIYD. There was an overwhelming response from the students to participate in these two competitions.

The event was observed a day earlier that is on 9th September, 2016. The day began with conduction of Human Chain from the Institute till Sriperumbudur Bus Terminus. Around 55 students and 5 Faculty members participated in the event. At the destination a street play was showcased to create awareness among the public. The event was well received by the public.

In the evening at 4pm, a special program was arranged for the students and faculty of RGNIYD. It first began with video clip which was made by the students of the Dept. of Applied Psychology showcasing a story of a girl having hardships and feeling suicidal and how she over comes those thoughts. This event was followed by a skit showcasing the hardships faced throughout one’s life and how one can reach out for help and overcome the difficulty. Then a choreography was shown which depicted a story of a girl who has a relationship breakdown and thinks of attempting suicide and how she over comes it.

A special address was delivered by Dr. Latha Pillai, Director of RGNIYD, where she highlighted how there is always an alternate solution to things and that each one has to come to terms with the pain and grief and move forward in life positively and productively.

An Interactive Session with Ms.Saveetha, Senior Volunteer from Sneha Suicide Prevention Centre, Chennai followed the Directors address. She discussed about the signs and at risk factors of suicidal people and emphasized on how each of us were unique and had a purpose to life and also how one can make a difference in others life by extending emotional support, care, empathetic listening and unconditional acceptance. 

In all, the event was well received and appreciated by the students and faculty.