Workshop on Gender Issues was inaugurated by Professor (Dr) MM Goel, Director, RGNIYD


Sriperumbudur, 11 Aug, RGNIYD organized a Workshop on Gender Issues was inaugurated by Professor (Dr) MM Goel, Director of RGNIYD. In his inaugural speech he emphasized that, women should understand their role in society as a mother, as a daughter, sister, and most importantly as mother in law because most of the violence within the family is caused by mother in law in our Indian context.

He stress upon the importance of understanding various acts, laws, policies and programmes meant for women empowerment. Gender is not limited in empowering women alone, but it is a concern of raising/ building sense of gender neutral approaches in all walks of life and to ensure the due share in development.   

He questioned that if there any difference in the blood in the vains between the men and women, certainly not; such a way the soul in the male and female are similar and does not have any gender differences. As the blood colour of both male and female are same, so is their soul being gender neutral. He introduced three models for the empowerment of women, i.e., SHE,- (Spirituality, Humanistic, Existential) ASK –( Ability of head and Heart),& MCA- (Morality, Credibility, Accountability)

The resource persons for the workshop were Ms. Delphina from Nirangal, Ms.Namitha an activist working for LGBQIT, Ms.Sayeeda Sarah Ali Fathima, and program manager from Thozhi / Sahodhari.

Dr.T.Gopinath Asst. Professor and Head, Ms.Veronica and Dr. Niyathi conducted the programmes and conveyed a vote of thanks.