Workshop on ‘New Directions in Development Approach’


Sriperumbudur, Sep.15 – Department of Development Studies, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) has organised Foundation Express Workshop on ‘New Directions in Development Approach’ on September 15-16, 2017.

While delivering the inaugural address Professor (Dr.) M.M. Goel, Director RGNIYD justified the need for understanding, analysing and interpreting the simulation exercises which empower an individual as consumer, producer, distributor and trader for taking rational decisions under conditions of certainty as well as uncertainty. 

We need to keep in mind the resource constraints , challenges and  deprivations for becoming rational in all walks of life,told Professor Goel.

For understanding the real-life situations and circumstances, we have to learn from the rich experiences of the resource persons from Azim Premji University   using simulation models, said Professor Goel..

 For improving the  physical quality of   life,  we need to think out-of- the- box solution for the socio-economic problems   which calls for  understanding  the new development approach of simulations creating artificial situations as actors do in films, believes Professor Goel .

 He quoted the book ' Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet---' by Joachim de Posada & Ellen Singer (2005),Berkley Books New-York 2005 which reveals the secrets of sweet success in work and life. Marshmallow -resistance is more than just a theory; it is a way of life. How to achieve? Use valuable principles of success including applied knowledge as power, wait for the right moment, keep the promise and think long term. To get what you want from people, they must have a desire to help you as they must trust you.


Dr P Sahoo HoD of the Department welcomed the gathering and shared the initiatives undertaken by the Department of Development Studies


 Dr. SivaKumar, coordinator of the workshop explained about the Simulation exercise and how the simulation leaves a unique set of insights and experiences for each participant, which get deeply entrenched in their minds and helps transcend participants to a next level of professionalism which is imbibed with empathy and understanding.