A two days Round Table Conference on ‘Areas and Concerns of Adolescent Development: A Policy Perspective’ on 21/12/2017


Sriperumbudur, Dec.21- A two days Round Table Conference on ‘Areas and Concerns of Adolescent Development: A Policy Perspective ’organised by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) supported by UNICEF began here today.

While delivering the inaugural address, Prof. M.M. Goel, Director, RGNIYD justified the need for developing a policy framework and acknowledged the importance of a multidimensional approach with spiritual inputs from the epics including Gita, Anu-Gita, Quran and Bible.

Professor Goel told that the bad behaviour including theft, vandalism and arson is caused by the pollution of all kinds, strained relations of the parents, peer pressure, single parent and single child syndrome, Bollywood movies and TV serials including KBC by polluting their mind-sets.

The step-children have their own problems and must be addressed with empathy, believe the Director RGNIYD.

The children of single parents are the victims of social denials of many kinds which needs to be diagnosed and analysed, said Prof. Goel.

 To respond to the multi-faceted needs of adolescents in India, policymaking involves prioritisation which should stem from an analysis of the current situation and dispassionate assessment of the capability and capacity of the system for implementation, stated Prof. Goel.

Adolescence is a special period of human development, not just physically but also emotionally and cognitively with special ways of thinking. They need educational inputs ideally designed to help their development, believes Prof Goel.

Earlier Dr. S. Kumaravel, Assistant Professor, and Principal Investigator of Social Work welcomed the gathering for the inaugural ceremony. Dr.S.Lalita, Assistant Professor and Head,  Department of Social work, Mr. G. Kumaresan, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF also spoke on the occasion. Mr .Noel Antony Dass  Programme Officer, ARC proposed the vote of thanks.