Prof Dr MM Goel delivered an inaugural address on Oct 05th 2017 for the two days workshop on ‘Empowerment of Local Government System’


Sriperumbudur, October 05 –   An institution of national importance by the Act of Parliament, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD ) has organised a workshop on ‘Empowerment of Local Government System’ during Oct.05-06,2017.

For operational efficiency of Panchayats, the elected representatives should learn to say no to certain demands of the voters and the bureaucracy to say yes for the implementation of the planned schemes and programmes. This will reduce if not remove the gaps between bureaucratic innovators and the politicians, said Prof. M.M. Goel, Director RGNIYD while delivering the inaugural address here today.

He justified the need for empowering the local government system in rural India and explained the issues of good governance of Panchayats including   participation, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, consensus oriented, equity along with inclusiveness effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

RGNIYD  has the mandate for  empowerment and involving youth in governance and democracy  with no to conflict caused by discrimination, deprivation and discontent in democratic India through NYP 2014, told the Director.

According to Dr. Goel the essentials of good governance are inherent in SMART and SIMPLE models developed by him in the book “Economics of Human Resource Development   in India (2012).

Dr. K Gireesan, Associate Professor, Department of Local Governance and  coordinator gave the brief about the workshop and welcomed the participants.

Dr. Inderjeet Singh Sodhi presided over the function and Dr.PH. Kalesh proposed the vote of thanks